Reed Diffuser Oil Quality

What Should You Look For in Reed Diffuser Oil Quality?

When it comes to choosing diffuser reeds, you need to take your time to determine which ones are best for you. Also, they can let your diffusers work perfectly.

Moreover, they will create a light, lingering, and beautiful fragrance for your homes, restrooms, hotels, offices, spas, as well as other areas. The diffuser is a popular, safe, and economical option for fragrance.

It comes with simple construction, including essential oils, diffuser oil, reeds, as well as an attractive container. Keep reading this post to learn about all the things you should look for in reed diffuser oil quality.

What are Diffuser Reeds?

They are made of rattan. At least 20 channels are wicking the oil to from the container. Also, these channels are to release the fragrance. You need to flip them from time to time to obtain the best benefits.

Replacement diffuser reeds come in various lengths and thicknesses. They allow you to trim to suit your needs. The optimum length should let the fragrance disperse freely.

Tips for Reed Stick Diffusers

Bamboo, Synthetic, or rattan reed Sticks?

There is a wide range of fragrance diffusing products on the market. You may have to make your decision between bamboo skewers/sticks/chutes. In which, the bamboo sticks are natural items. They don’t operate as well as rattan reed ones.

The reason is that bamboo comes with nodes. On the other hand, reeds come with a clear channel. It wicks to release long-lasting scents with ease. You should look for a rattan with the maximum benefit from the fragrance oil.

Number of reed sticks and thickness

The number of reed sticks as well as their thickness will decide the effectiveness of the diffuser you have. You should choose ones with an average thickness of at least 3-4 mm.

Moreover, the number of reeds also is decided by the quality of the oil in your diffuser. If you use more reeds, the diffuser will absorb more oil from the bottle. Therefore, you can get a stronger scent.

Scented oils

The price of your reed diffuser depends on its ingredients. Also, this factor decides the quality of the products you choose. Indeed, you will have to pay much more for ones with more natural ingredients compared to ones made of synthetic chemicals.

Thicker oils are better if you place your diffuser in a large area. You can get the natural essential oil in high-quality reed stick diffusers. These models will be made of other ingredients to make your oils suitable for use in your diffuser.

They need a binding agent to blend the ingredients correctly. In some situations, you can also use alcohol for this purpose. A high-quality diffuser includes a natural binding agent and no parabens. If you use alcohol as a binding agent, you should consider the quantity of alcohol used.

If you use more alcohol, you will need more fragrance diluted. You will get a chemical and high alcohol content from cheap diffuser oils. Moreover, they also have unregulated ingredients as well as harmful phthalates. You may find 70% alcohol in some low-quality reed stick diffusers.

The Lifespan of the reed stick diffuser

This factor depends on a lot of things, such as bottle nick width, reed stick material, oil and alcohol content, the number of reed sticks, and the thickness.

Also, it is impacted by external factors, such as the humidity and temperature of the space you place the diffuser. They can affect the performance of your diffuser.

We recommend you to keep your diffuser away from sunlight, radiators, as well as all sources of direct heat. You should keep your diffuser in a dark, cool room that allows the oils to last the longest.


We have just given you all the essential features you should look at when choosing the best reed stick diffusers. It is not easy to make your decision among so many different products out there.

We hope our tips can help to make your purchase easier. When choosing diffuser reeds, you also should not forget to check for fakes.