How to Turn on Gas Fireplace with Key

You can get all the warmth and atmosphere of a traditional fire by using a gas fireplace.

Compared to a traditional wood-burning fireplace, these models can burn cleaner.

Moreover, it does not require the ashy cleanup. They also don’t make any ash or soot.

These gar fireplaces are powered by a propane gas tank or a natural gas line. Therefore, you can use them with ease.

Indeed, you will have to take only a few minutes to get up as well as running.

Keep reading this post to learn how to turn on the gas fireplace with the key.

Light with a Control Panel

Follow the user manual of the fireplace thoroughly

Before you light or adjust the fireplace, don’t forget to the user manual the manufacturer thoroughly.

Despite similar ignition methods, the fireplace may come with a specific feature. If you don’t use it properly, it may be dangerous.

If there is no user manual, you can check online. Another way is to contact the manufacturers to ask them a copy.

Locate the control panel of your fireplace and open it

Today, you can find a specialized control panel in most modern gas fireplaces. It is typically behind the fireplace’s front screen.

Therefore, it allows you to open or remove it to gain access. The simple way to remove the screen is to tug it off the fireplace.

Turn the control knob off for more than 5 minutes

Find a knob on the control panel. You need to turn it in the off position. Next, your device should sit for more than 5 minutes.

If there is any faint amount of gas, you need to open all the doors and windows to ventilate your space.

Once there is a large amount of gas, you have to leave your house right now. Then, call the fire department in your local.

Twist the shutoff valve

You can find a shutoff valve to the gas line of the fireplace. It allows you to greater control over your natural gas.

If you see your fireplace comes with this feature, make sure the gas line sits parallel to the handles.

Keep the control knob to the pilot

This step is to let you access to the pilot light of the fireplace. However, you should avoid twisting the knob before you are ready to fire the pilot light.

Press the control knob

This step is to ignite the pilot light. Then, you need to hold the control knob in place. Next, press the ignition switch of the fireplace.

If after multiple attempts, it cannot ignite the pilot light, you need to try again. Besides, you can also ask for the help of a professional.

Keep the control knob down for more than 30 seconds

It is essential to hold this knob for more than 30 seconds so that the flame can alive. Also, this step offers a thermocouple device.

Adjust the control knob to the “ON”

This keeps the pilot light staying on indefinitely. Also, you can activate the fireplace every time you want with remote control.

Once you have finished, don’t forget to change the front screen of the fireplace if you need to remove it.


It is dangerous to light a gas fireplace because of a hot material combined with a highly flammable substance.

Therefore, you need to be vigilant at all times to avoid getting injured. Moreover, it is important to follow any safety instructions included in the user manual of your fireplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I open the chimney vent when I turn the logs on?

The answer is yes. The fact is that burning logs offer carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Therefore, it is essential to open the vent to eliminate these harmful gases out of the house.

2. Does the wall switch light the fireplace every time the power outage is?

No. a valve only opens when your fireplace gets an electric signal from the wall switch light.

Also, it allows the device to release the gas for the pilot light. Therefore, most valves won’t open if there is no power.


Gas fireplaces come in natural-gas styles. Also, they offer not only warmth but also the comfort of a traditional fireplace. Moreover, you will not get any issues with chopping wood.

Therefore, it prevents building up of carbon monoxide in your home. These devices are safe to operate.

Above, we have just let you know how to turn on them with keys. I hope it is useful for you.

When should I start using Beard Oil?

Many people have been facing a situation of thinning beard growth, even without beards, so they are struggling to find ways to stimulate long and thicker beards, but nothing. They resorted to beard medications but wondered if beard oil was effective? and When should I start using Beard Oil?

Please refer to the following article to figure out the answers.

What are the ingredients of beard oil?

Beard oil or Beard growth medications are actually just a product to support, stimulate the growth of beards longer and faster.

It provides a number of nutrients such as Protein, Vitamin B, C, iron, zinc, amino acids that penetrate into the skin epidermis, fed from within the beard. Gradually, beards grow out of the skin and grow to your liking.

In particular, the composition of the beard is indispensable Biotin (vitamin B7 or vitamin H). This is a water-soluble vitamin, considered to be the most effective solution to help care for strong hair, overcome hair loss.

In addition, Biotin helps to synthesize keratin protein by reacting with cellular enzymes to create amino acids, which helps stimulate facial hair growth effectively.

When to start using beard oil

The main effect of beard oil is to moisturize and replenish nutrients to better grow beards. As you might know, the growing beards require ideal nutrition and proper moisture.

Often the beard-growing skin on the face is prone to dryness because they are not usually taken care of and moisturized. When the beard grows out, it also takes a relative nutrient from that body.

Naturally, the human body has a limit, so one day the beard will grow more and more slowly. If you want your beard to grow evenly and faster, then you need to take a supplement for your beard.

That is exactly when to use beard oil. If you are growing a beard, you will, of course, know how itchy when your beard grows.

It is because of the unreasonable moisture in your skin that causes the skin to lack elasticity and is slightly damaged as the beard grows longer, creating an itchy feeling.

At the same time, your beard will not be long, smooth or even curly, which is a consequence of something like the lack of nutrition, lack of moisture …

When your beard grows too long without enough moisture, there may even be a case of dandruff. It sounds strange and silly, but by the time you have a long beard, you’ll know right away.

The part of your skin that grows a beard is almost like your scalp. If it is too dry, dandruff will appear. So one of the most important uses of beard oil is, therefore – moisturizing.

Essential oils in beard oil are also blended with many different flavors to create fragrances. For men around the world, beard oil is like a second perfume.

There are many manufacturers who are very observant and select the impressive scents to put into their products.

Who should use beard oil

Typically, people without a beard, sparse beard, slow-growing beard or want to create a new beard will use beard medications like beard oil.

However, according to the experience of those who have gone before, you need to check your body’s testosterone index to know which product is suitable for you.

Not to mention, people with hypersensitivity to some ingredients of beard medications should not use them to avoid skin irritation.

Notes when using beard oil

To increase effectiveness, when using beard oil, you also need to pay attention:

  • Clean and dry the skin area that needs to stimulate beard growth
  • Apply a sufficient amount of bread oil on the hand, apply evenly to the position to grow bread and gently massage to penetrate the skin better, then let dry naturally.
  • Perform regularly 2 times per day in the morning and before bedtime


  • The beard oil is applied only to the surface of the skin, away from the eye area
  • Only apply to the area of the skin that needs to stimulate hair growth, not apply it on other areas
  • preserve in a cool place
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN

Wrapping up

Currently, many kinds of beard oil are sold more and more with a variety of models and prices. You can find them at online stores or pharmacies.

Does beard oil work? It also depends on the feature of each person, the using time that gives different results. Basically, you need to use beard oil continuously for 2 – 3 months to be able to provide enough nutrients needed for beard growth.

Generally. Now, you have known When should I start using Beard Oil? All you need to do is to find the right beard oil for you and apply it regularly every day. Thus, you will soon have a satisfied beard.